Aggrieved villagers of Laikal basti to boycott panchayat elections

SILCHAR, Dec 28: That the tall and high claim of the state government about development and changing face of rural areas is a hoax and misnomer is clear from the unanimous decision of the villagers of Laikal basti of ward 9 under Binnakandi development block in the Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar to boycott the coming panchayat elections in protest against the lack of basic and minimum facilities of life. At a meeting presided over by Shyam Lal Goala and attended by members of all the households with a population of 1,500 of the basti recently, after threadbare discussions, it was resolved that since the G.P, A.P and Z.P.C have not given any attention to their problems , they have no other alternative but to refrain from exercising their franchise in the G.P polls.

The slew of resolutions adopted recording the deep anger and anguish of the villagers belonging to Hindi speaking community as well as Manipuri pointed out that during the last 5 years, they have been deprived of benefits of the various schemes and projects of the Centre and the state. In fact, there has been not any semblance of development despite the fact that huge funds have been allotted for it. They have raised the legitimate question where have the crores of rupees meant for the socio-economic amelioration of people have gone. They have failed to get any answer from the G.P, A.P and Z.P.C authorities.

One of the resolutions specifically hammers on the lack of connectivity or road communication, electricity, drinking water, non implementation of centrally sponsored Indira Awas Yojana, old age pension as well as other schemes for the welfare of the villagers of Laikal basti, who are predominantly farmers, agriculture being their mainstay of their life. It is most unfortunate that though there are a number of persons qualifying for old age pension, none of them has received the benefit.

In order to ensure that the decision to boycott panchayat elections is observed in letter and spirit, a special committee with 76 members has been formed and Om Prakash Dubey has been elected as its president. It was also resolved that the committee so formed will prepare a detailed list of the schemes and projects for their areas which were taken up and against which funds were also earmarked but never implemented. This will be taken up with the authorities at the sub divisional and district level, seeking their intervention and calling for investigation by a competent higher official. The committee will work as a watch dog for implementation of development works and schemes in future. (source:sentinelassam)