Anomalies in KYC form distribution GSS serves an ultimatum

SILCHAR, Nov 2: In order to ensure that customers should get LPG cylinders without anydifficulty, the government have undertaken the KYC (know your customer) exercise starting with the consumers with multiple connections. But the people of the Silchar are facing the shortage of KYC form in the respective gas agencies due to alleged involvement of black marketers.
Though the KYC form should be available free of cost, the LPG consumers of the town had to buy this with anythingbetween Rs 5 to Rs 10. The consumers of Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency at Tarapur alleged that they hadbought the form from the agency. In the same way the consumers of Sunbeam gas agency at Nagatilla had bought it from a nearby PCO of the agency.
In protest against the black marketing of KYC form, the Grahak Suraksha Samiti todaygheraoed the Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency, demanding the distribution of KYC form free of cost. The organization further served an ultimatum to both the gas agencies that if the consumers are not provided with free KYC form, they would launch a mass movement.
Biplab Kumar Goswami, general secretary of the Samiti, said that the IOC did not have any vigilance over the gas agencies. He said that they had been protesting against the black marketers of LPG for the last one year, but no strict action has been taken.
Taking a dig at the gas agencies, he said that the agencies have not been followed the government norms in the distribution of KYC form. According to the rulebook, a senior citizen should receive the form in his place from the delivery man, he said.
As there is a rush among the people in gas agencies for theform, the black marketers have been taking the advantage of the situation, said Barat Kanu, a consumer. The November 15 is the deadline for filling up the KYC forms by LPG consumers to enable genuine consumers to avail of the offer.
The KYC will let the company know about the LPG connections a family have as the only one LPG connection per household is permitted. (sentinelassam)

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