Anomalies in job cards: AIUDF demands CBI inquiry

SILCHAR, Nov 8: Reiterating their demand, the leaders and workers of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Lakhipur committee, today staged a protest demonstration in front of the office of the SDO (Civil), Biresh Chandra Nath, and submitted a memorandum addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, detailing the allegations related to enormous anomalies and irregularities in the job cards. The organization also had earlier submitted a memorandum in the issue to Joyram Ramesh, Minister of Panchayat and Rural Development, Government of India.
In view of the enormous anomalies and irregularities in the job cards, AIUDF demanded CBI inquiry into it from 2007 in Lakhipur subdivision. It was alleged by the villagers of development blocks of Lakhipur, Binnakandi, Banskandi and Rajabazar that though the government adopted the policy to improve the socio-economic condition of the people by providing them employment facilities under the panchayat system, the corruption-ridden administrative machinery stood as stumbling block.
The benefits did not percolate down the poor and needy in economic distress. It was pointed out that 200 districts including Cachar from across the country and the State were brought under the policy in 2006. Accordingly, the rural house holders were enrolled under the job card holders of MGNREGA-2008-2009.
It was pointed out that in conformity with the guidelines, the job cards were issued to the house holders of the villages, ensuring them 100 days employment. But, it was noted for long no jobs were being provided and the cards were left unused. People were deprived of employment as guaranteed under the scheme. Since no employment could be ensured, demand was raised to provide unemployed allowance to the job cards holders without jobs.
Another serious allegation listed was that many householders did not get job cards, for which no plausible explanation came forward. Demand was raised for proper investigation and punishment to the guilty persons for indulging in willful fraud in the distribution of job cards, flouting the standing guidelines and in flagrant violation of the policy.
The memorandum also brought into focus innumerable anomalies in the execution and implementation of development works under panchayat system. Many schemes remained on papers only. Funds had not been utilized in reality but completion reports against works done submitted.
Irregularities galore existed in respect of MGNREGA works as well as other schemes and projects in the development blocks of Lakhipur, Binnakandi, Rajabazar and Banskandi which, the memorandum stressed, should be investigated by the CBI in order to unfathom the level of malpractices and anomalies before the public.
The memorandum was signed by Alhaj Chouba Mia, president, Abdul Malik and Ratan Kahar, general secretaries of AIUDF Lakhipur unit. (SentinelAssam)

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