Manipuri Diaspora for 3 seats in proposed Legislative Council

SILCHAR, Sept 6: Manipuri Diaspora, an apex Manipuri organization has demanded reservation of three seats in proposed legislative council inthe Assam assembly for the community living in the state.
Dr M Santi Kumar Singha, general secretary of the organization, said here that Manipuris had been victim of political deprivation for the past 34 years.
Without any representative inthe Assembly or Parliament from the community, they had been struggling for existence and for safeguarding their cultural and ethnic identity.
Manipuri people, he said, nowneeded leaders to make their presence felt.
The general consensus that emerged in the meetings heldso far was that the apex body should take the initiative in mobilising the community forpolitical awareness of their rights and privileges, besides taking up the cause of upholding their identity and resolution of their burning issues.
For the reservation of 3 seats in the proposed council, the organization would fight till it was achieved, Dr Singha said. (SentinelAssam)

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