CPI(ML) opposes merger of Cachar villages with Dima Hasao

SILCHAR, July 20: CPI(ML) leaders, workers and supporters staged protest demonstration infront of the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar today, opposing the proposed merger of 18 villages of the district with Dima Hasao Territorial Council in accordance with the draft agreement signed by the Union Home Ministry with Dima Halim Daoga. According to information from the national capital, the final agreement is now amatter of time. The people of Barak Valley look confused on the issue due tocontradictory reports to the effect while the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has stated categorically that not even a single inch of Cachar land will go to Dima Hasao, the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar Harendra Kumar Dev Mahanta has sent a report on the demographic status of villages under the shadow of transfer.
In the meantime, political parties, student and youth bodies as well as social and cultural organizations have begun to express their apprehension at the shape of things to come. On any ground, concerned citizens have cautioned against any agitation or movement that might create rift and misunderstanding between the Bengalis and Dimasas who have had long traditionof amity and friendship. Thishas been hailed as the most sensible and sane approach in the larger interest of both the communities.
CPI(ML)' s protest rues the fact that without taking the people of Cachar district intoconfidence or their aspirations, the Governmentof India has reached an agreement to include 18 villages which have been well identified. Around 7 teaestates are also to be transferred. Haider Hussain Chowdhury, secretary of the party, articulating the views of CPI(ML) in a memorandum addressed to the Union Home Minister, has expressed the apprehension that in the wake of the implementationof the agreement, people of the villages to be transferred'will lose their democratic rights and might even be subjected to neglect and discrimination'.
CPI(ML) has no objection to the formation of the Dima Hasao Territorial Council without disturbing the boundary or territory of Cachar. But, he has cautioned if Cachar villages are included in the Territorial Council, his party will be left with no option than to launch mass movement in order to protect the territorial integrity of the district.' Sahidul Haque, A Begum andGulam Zakaria, members of the party, who are also the signatories to the memorandum, have urged upon the Union Home Minister to redefine the agreement with DHD on the matter of transfer of Cachar villages. Request has also been made to the Chief Minister of Assam to clarify the stand of his government on the sensitive issue.
The memorandum has at the same time expressed its serious concern at the deteriorating law and order situation in the State. It has cited series of murders, kidnappings, extortions and other crimes across Barak Valley. It has been most shocking and tragic to refer to the murder of Tofail Ahmed and his son Arhar Ahmed of Bhanga, the custodial death of Ajijur Rahman of Kalain, mysterious death of Pokhraj Jain of Badarpur, abduction and killing of Sananda Das of Ratabari, besides the shooting to death of Swapan Dhar Chowdhury of Halflong and the ghastly incident of outraging of a teenaged girl, Mousami Sharma, in Guwahati. This is just a picture of how the life of people at large is unsafe and insecure in the State as a whole. The intervention of the Union Home Ministry hasbeen sought to exert pressure on the State of Assam to tone up the administrative machinery and improve law and order. (Sentinelassam)

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