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May 19, 2012

Manipuri Diaspora meetsGaurav Gogoi

SILCHAR, May 18: Manipuri Diaspora of Assam, an apex Manipuri organization, met the Gaurav Gogoi during his visit and drew his attention towards the problems faced by the Manipuri community as a whole here at circuit house on Wednesday. Manipuri leaders pointed out that there is a need for greater participation in political affairs and representation in the Legislative Assembly from the Manipuri community. The leaders said that in the forthcoming Member of Legislative Council formation Manipuris are expecting atleast three members. The leaders discussed the issues like lackof education officer for Manipuri medium schools and advisors from Manipuri speaking peoples in SEBA.
However, the young congress leader assured for conveying all the vital issues raised by Manipuri leaders to proper form. He thought the vital issue of Manipuris at this hour is representation in the Assembly.
The members of Manipuri Diaspora were present in themeeting included M Santi Kumar Singha, general secretary, M Surjya Kumar Sharma, advisor, L Manglemba Singha, vice President, M Ningamba Singha, joint secretary, K Lalbabu Singha. Earlier they felicitated Gourav Gogoi with traditional Manipuri Khudei and other gifts and momentoes. (SentinelAssam)