Khwairakpa Erel (Narayandhar) 2012

Lakhipur, Cachar : The Annual “Irat thouni” of Khwairakpa Erel Umanglai Khuvam known as Narayandhar to the non Manipuris will be celebrated on Sunday the 1st January 2012 at Khwairakpa Erel Umanglai Khuvam (Narayndhar) the River Island situated near Jirimukh of the Barak River under Lakhipur Sub-division of Cachar district.
The annual ‘Irat thouni’ is being held at the Shrine every year on the 2nd Sunday of Wakching month by the Manipuris from the time immemorial at which thousands of devotees from within and outside Assam come and worship.
The unique and interesting feature of the festival is that the devotees, in thousands reached the Shrine by water-ways in the country boat and speed boat.
The country boat journey takes minimum of three hours time to reach the Shrine while in the speed boat it takes a minimum of one hour from the Fulertal Ferryghat of Lakhipur Sub-division, Cachar district.
The ritual Puja of the Shrine will start from 8 AM on this day and close at 3 PM.
All the Security arrangements and the necessary emergency medical needs will be provided on the day long programme of the festival.
The Khwairakpa Erel Umanglai Ngaksellup inform the public and the interested devotees in particular with the request to participate in the celebrations in customary dress.

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