Lakhipur bridge to open vista of development

The people of cluster of villages, Mamda, Dilkhush, Binnakandi, Ganganagar, Lakhipur Tea Estate and the hamlets around the hillocks and plains have been waiting for a long time for the bridge over river Barak to becomea reality. In fact, in order to connect Lakhipur sub-divisional town with Fulertal for easy communication, around one lakh population, a mix up of tribals, non-tribals, tea tribes, Manipuris, Hindi speaking people and Bengalis, have been pressing for a bridge. It was on January 4, 2004 that the foundation stone of the Lakhipur bridge was laid by Sontosh Mohan Dev, the then MP, in the presence of Dinesh Prasad Goala, former PHE Minister.
It was a cause of happiness amongthe people of the backward and neglected area as their long felt demand was accepted. It is after long six years that they are going to see their hope fulfilled. Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam, is scheduled to inaugurate the bridge. It is expected to facilitate not only easy communication but also pace up the development of these areas, isolated and cocooned. So long, they have to depend upon the ferry services between Lakhipur and Fulertal. During high floods, this communication link often stood disrupted. With the operation of the bridge and the movement of vehicular traffic through it, the economic activities of the backward people are expected to get boost and improve their living conditions.
The bridge besides narrowing down the distance will also make it possible for the tea estates in the areas to transport their products in the domestic markets and beyond Barak Valley. People at the same time stress on the need for improving the PWD roadswhich are in bad shape. The feederwooden bridge at Gosainagar, according to them, stands in need of being converted into RCC, considering the heavy movement of vehicles which will further go up once Lakhipur bridge is thrownopen to public.
The Lakhipur bridge which is double lane necessitates further broadening of the PWD roads, main and artery. This bridge has been built under the 10th plan of NEC and the construction work done by its PWD division. It has been completed at a cost of Rs 14.38 crore. The demands of residents include a police outpost near Binnakandi for maintaining law and order, street lights for easy movement during night, traffic points at important junctions and speed breakers where schools are located. (SentinelAssam)

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