Glorious sacrifice of Irabat Singh recollected

SILCHAR, Oct 1: "The history of the freedom struggle of the country against British imperialism never justifies the role of brave hearts of Barak Valley and Northeast in general. What is often ignored in rewriting the freedom struggle saga is the significant role of this frontier region of the country", pointed out Sanjib Deb Laskar who was speaking among others on the occasion of the 115th birth anniversary of Jananeta Irabat Singh, organized under the aegis of 'Smriti Raksha Committee', at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday. Laskar said that the Latu in the district of Karimganj was the scene of the first battle of struggle against the British in Northeast when hundreds of mutineers after breaking open and looting the Chittagong armoury made their escape to this place and were challenged by the British army where Major Byng commanding the force was killed. After days of confrontation with the British army, 14 of the mutineers were finally hanged to death here.
Deb Laskar added to say in the same way the great sacrifice and glorious role played by Irabat Singh for the freedom of the country and for establishing the rights and liberty of the oppressedand suppressed people and his inspiring guidance to organize theManipuris and various other linguistic groups and communitiesof the region "have gone virtually unrecognized and not much highlighted". It was due to the example set by him that the various tribes and communities, tribals and non tribals, "live in a spirit of harmony and amity".
He further said that Irabat Singh always stood for justice and fought against all sorts of discrimination and superstitions and never hesitated to raise his voice against any injustice. For him self-interest was never of any consideration. Rather, he always championed and upheld the cause of the country. "It is really sad and unfortunate that after 66 years of independence in total opposition to the ideals and principles of Irabat Singh now exists corruptions indulged in by the people's representatives. People are fed up and have prepared themselves for another independence from this monster of scams and scandals", he observed.
Continuing, Deb Laskar said Irabat Singh was the embodiment of national integrity and solidarity. After coming out of the Sylhet jail where he was incarcerated by the British, he came down to Cachar where he organized and united people of different communities for unified fight against the British. He called upon the people of the country in general to be inspired by the progressive thoughts and ideas of Irabat Singh and his dream and vision of a country free from corruptions.
Another distinguished speaker, N Bijen Meitei, teacher of Assam University, while speaking about the life and history of Irabat Singh said how he inspired the youths and women to unite and fight against the imperialistic rule. His message was that women could play greater role in building a society and for the cause of the nation. Representatives of various organizations from the urban and rural areas of the district as well as citizens in general recalled the sacrifices of the great freedom fighter. The memorial function was presided over by Churamani Singh. Others who touched upon the various facets of Irabat Singh included Deepak Bhattacharya, Golapi Singh, Tanu Babu Singh, Sukhendu Bhattacharya, Khairuddin Chowdhury, Abu Mahid Chowdhury, Mrinal Kanti Dutta Biswas, Dr Manjar Singh, Manidhan Singh, K Babu Singh, Tejmani Singh. (SentinelAssam)

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