People of Lakhipur caught in quagmire of problems

SILCHAR, Sept 7: There is no end to the woes and sufferings of the people of Lakhipur subdivision whose hopes and dreams of betterlife seem to have shattered. Common people, both in the urbanand rural areas, besides being faced with prolong bouts of power-cuts, have to commute through roads which are not only full of craters and potholes but at many places almost non existent. They are yet to understand the benefits of a subdivision which is expected to deliver goods throughadministrative decentralization.
Hundreds of people angered by the continuous phase of load shedding last night forcibly added another lock to the main entrance of the electricity office at Lakhipur.The official and staff had to take the help of CRPF and police to break open the lock and enter the office. As the normal office hour began, the irritated and annoyed people came in good number to submit a memorandum to the sub-divisional executive-cum-deputy manager of the central power distribution company limited, Gouri Singh, but found him absent. The officer sensing trouble absented himself for the day, alleged one of the residents of Lakhipur. Later on, thememorandum was handed over toa junior officer who failed to makeany commitment on the improvement of the power scenario.
Similar wrath and anger of people was witnessed when a large number of people of Fulertal and Lakhipur areas came to meet SDO (Civil) Leena Das in her office chamber and handed over a representation, demanding her intervention and effective action for the improvement of the three km stretch of Fulertal-Lakhipur road maintained by PWD. This stretch of road diverting from NH 53 is used by around 20 thousand population of the urban and rural areas. And the road link leading to the town of Lakhipur with administrative, civil and police, is of vital importance for the vast populace.
The representation signed by around 70 residents gave a graphic detail of the condition of the road which has been turning from bad to worse. The condition is such that it has become difficult for people to commute or even walk. This has been the shape of the road for the last two years on which the PWD has been carrying on only patch works. Expressing their ire and anguish before the SDO, they said if the PWD failed to initiate any action within 72 hoursof the submission of the memorandum, they would have no alternative than to block NH 53,now the lifeline of supply for Manipur. As NH 37 has come underintermittent and often indefinite blockade by Nagas and Kukis in support of their demand for Sadar Hills district, NH 53 is the only alternative access to Imphal. (SentinelAssam)

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