Soaring temperature makes life uncomfortable

SILCHAR, Aug 4: The extreme heat and sultry conditions for the last few days across Barak Valley have made the lifeof people in general quite uncomfortable. With the break of dawn, the blazing sun turning too scorching as the day passes, the commuters and the pedestrians have been hit hard by the irritating and unbearable heat. To trudge along during the mid day and afternoon hasbeen quite horrifying. The conditions of rickshaw pullers in particular have been beyond description.
According to weather forecast of the current week, it has been a fluctuation of temperature rising to the maximum of 36 degree Celsius andsliding to the minimum of 28 degree Celsius with no respite from the grueling humidity. The scattered drizzles that too in isolation with cloudy sky have brought no relief andthe prediction till next Wednesday (August 11) holds no prospect of change and the humid conditions will prevail. (SentinelAssam)

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