Ratha Yatra festival celebrated with enthusiasm

SILCHAR, July 3: Ratha Yatra festival was celebrated across Barak Valley with all divinity and enthusiasm. Men,women and children came out in large number to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath and his well decorated chariot. It is considered auspicious to pull the rope of the chariot and people of all ages were seen reaching out to the rope to have the sublime feelings. Beautifully bedecked chariots with Lord Jagannath were brought out from ISKCON, Gouriya Math, Shyam Sundar, Mahaprabhu Temple, Radha Madhab Jui, Narshing Akhara as well as Hanuman Mandir. The entire town turned into a sort of fair with vendors selling fruits, clay toys, balloons as well as other materials, particularly for children.
Ratha Yatra is a Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held across various parts of India during the months of June or July. For the devoted and believers, it is considered the most auspicious occasion. Rathe tu vamanam drishtwapunarjanmam na vidyate. It is believed Lord Jagannatha, is sure to ensure emancipation, release from thecycle of birth and death. Jatra is an essential part of the ritual of the Hindusystem of worship. Jatra literally means travel or journey.
The Jatra for the ritual journey take two forms – one involving the short circumambulation around the temple and other involving a longer journey from the temple to some other destination. The Jatra is considered as an important part of festivities and ceremonies of each temple and is considered as a special and sacred occasion. Rath Jatra being unique among all Jatras is the grandest festival of the supreme divinity who has manifested himself in the Kali Yuga to emancipate humanity and to relieve them from their sufferings, thedevotees and commoners believe.
Lord Jagannatha is identified fully with Krishna. A glimpse of Lord Jagannatha on the chariot is considered to be very auspicious and saints, poets and scriptures have repeatedly glorified the sanctity of this special festival. The sanctity of thefestival is such that even a touch of the chariot or even the ropes with which these are pulled is considered enough to confer the results of severalpious deeds or penance for ages. (SentinelAssam)

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