Barak bandh called on issues of ‘D’voters

SILCHAR, July 9: Pratibadi Gana Mancha, a conglomeration of various social and cultural organizations, has given call for total Barak bandh on July 26 from dawn to dusk in protest against the step motherly attitude of the State Government towards Barak Valley. Shankar Dey, convener of the Mancha and general secretary of Silchar Press Club, in a statement here today slated the State Government forits total apathy in solving the 'D' voters tangle despite the fact that reports of the harassment of genuine Indian voters have been taking place in different parts of the State, targeting the members of the linguistic and religious minorities. He demanded a critical review of the Citizenship Act which he pointed out "is contrary to the spirit and provisions of the Constitution" and stressed for its repeal.
On the revision of National Register for Citizens (NRC) which has created lotof controversy on the cut off date, Shankar Dey said there should be uniformity in keeping with the rest of the country and that no double standard should be applied in the caseof the minorities. He asked why should a different yardstick "is to be applied in Assam." It was essential to preserve the constitutional rights of the people of Barak Valley. He at the same time called for the definition of citizenship in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. He said if it was contrary to the spirit of AssamAccord, the latter should be scrapped.
The leader of Prativadi Gana Mancha cautioned if the State Government continued with its step motherly attitude and treatment towards the valley, the people would no more bear with it and for them there wouldbe no other alternative than to revivethe movement for the separation of Barak Valley and a separate State. He claimed the support of various political parties, besides non political organizations, behind the 5 point charter of demands of the Mancha. (SentnelAssam)

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