Minority Dimasas alleged torture by majority Nagas

Source: TheSangaiExpress
IMPHAL, Jun 18: Dimasa villagers of Hajadisa village of Dimapur district of Nagaland were allegedly tortured ruthlessly by a group of Naga youths on the night of June 17.

In a statement, Ringbar Diphusa, publicity secretary of People's Supreme Council of Dimaraji, Dima Halam Daogah (DHD)/Sengya Bojhom said that more than 15 houses of the villagers were uprooted and looted of valuables. One aged Dimasa woman was badly hurt in the attack.

Ringbar Diphusa alleged that one Qhukaho Zhimomi, a Rajya Sabha MP from Nagaland State has been instigating the Naga youths to attack the Dimasa villagers of Hajadisa. The main reason behind such eviction is to forcefully and illegally occupy the agricultural land of the villagers.

Ringbar Diphusa claimed that Nagas have been illegally occupying the land of the Dimasa villagers in Hajadisa areas since long time back and the minority Dimasa villagers, who are Hindu by religion are being torured and evicated by the majority Nagas, who are Christian by religion.

Despite several complaints, the Government of Nagaland has not taken any action to check such illegalatrocities and the Central Governmentis also active in this case, the statement further alleged.

While condemning the torture, the Dimasas' body has also pressed for prompt and drastic action to stop such illegal and inhumane activities.

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