Mizoram has 91 daily newspapers, says report

Aizawl, April 29: Mizoram, with a population of 10.91 lakh, has 91 daily newspapers, according, to an annual report from the Mizoram Journalists' Association. Of these 31 are published from the state capital, and the rest arepublished from the other seven districts. Besides these, there are 15 cable TVs and 14 periodicals across thestate.
Speaking at the 38th general assembly of Mizoram Journalists' Association (MJA) here today, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla said relative tothe states population, Mizoram has the largest number of newspapers and accredited journalists in India. Lal Thanhawla, who was the founder president of MJA, recalled the days he edited Mizo Aw, one of the oldest newspapers in the state.
"In those days, if you had a typewriter and a cyclostyle, you couldpublish a newspaper. But being a journalist is not just publishing or editing a newspaper. You have to be an above-average person," the journalist-turned-politician said, pointing out that the advent of information technology has brought about media revolution in Mizoram during the last ten years. "Now, almost every piece of news in every part of the world is downloadable from the internet. A true journalist with the code ethics classifies which part of news is publishable and which is not," he said. While the print media is doing fine in maintaining journalistic code of conduct, Lal Thanhawla accused the electronic media (cable TVs) in Mizoram of not following the journalistic ethics. "Sometimes, it appeared that their (cable TVs) main interest is attacking the government," he said.
Emphasising the importance of credibility for a reporter, the Chief Minister urged the journalists to refrain from yellow journalism and sensationalization of news. "As the media is regarded as the fourth estateof a democracy, journalism with truth and boldness brings about development in a country," Lal Thanhawla said, adding that his government was welcoming constructive criticisms in the editor's page. (UNI)

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