‘Hung Assembly in Assam’ 

GUWAHATI, April 1: Assam looks headed for a hung Assembly after the Assembly elections, with no party even getting a simple majority. The number of Congress seats will go down, while the AGP, BJP and AIUDF will secure more seats compared to the 2006 elections.
India Today, Headlines Today, Mail Today and ORG, which conducted an opinion poll recently, have predicted the vote shares and seats that will go to the Congress, AGP, BJP, AIUDF and "others" in the forthcoming Assam Assembly elections. As per the above opinion poll, the Congress will win 46 seats with 32 per cent votes, the AGP 38 seats with 25 per cent votes, the BJP 15 seats with 12 per cent votes, the AIUDF 15 seats with 14 per cent votes and others 12 seats with 16 per cent votes.
The opinion poll indicates that Assam will most likely witness a hung Assembly after the April 4 and 11 elections, with neither party getting the magic figure for formation of the new government. In such a situation, the AGP, BJP and AIUDF may come together to form the government, but that could be distant possibility considering the ideological differences between the BJP and AIUDF. The Congress, BPF and AIUDF could forge an alliance for the purpose. But AIUDF president Badruddin Ajmal is still taking an anti-Congress stand.
The opinion poll was conducted in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala which go to Assembly polls during April-May. (SENTINELASSAM)

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