Thang-Ta meet in Imphal sees participation from across globe

12 Mar, 2011 2257hrs IST TNN IMPHAL: Thang-Ta coaches from various countries are extending all their efforts to popularize the weapongame that originated in Manipur as the first World Thang-Ta Championship kicked off in Imphal on Friday. While Malaysian Thang-Ta exponents are mulling over organizing the second edition of the international championship in their country, a British national is all set to popularize the game through media. Ancient Manipuri warriors used the artof Thang-Ta in various battles as an offensive and defensive mechanism with swords, spears and physical movements. Thang Ta or the art of sword and spear is a traditional martial art of Manipur. It integrates various external weapons like sword, spear, dagger with extreme physical control and soft movements coordinated with rhythmic breathing. "With more and more youngsters learning Thang-Ta in our country, the game has gained immense popularity.This being the fact, we are planning toorganize the second world Thang-Ta championship in our country for which we have begun consulting withthe Thang-Ta federation officials," saidMurli Dharan, a senior coach of the game on Saturday. Dharan alongwith another coach Senthil Kumarh and a 15-member delegation from Malaysia are taking part in the ongoing championship. Besides Malaysia and host India, players and Thang-Ta lovers from Bangladesh, Nepal, UK and Sri Lanka are participating the four-day championship with over 250 players vying for medals in four different categories Ahanba Phunaba, Anisuba Phunaba, Thang Leiteng, Thanglon Chatpa and Taron. Paul Dickin, a British national and freelance television journalist, who is documenting the whole championship activity said he would popularize the game across United Kingdom by way of airing his documented work. "I really love Manipur's martial art, Thang-Ta, its culture and tradition. I will try to send young players from UK to Manipur to learn the art and teach it to youngsters in our country," said the 69-year-old Dicking. A young Kashmiri woman Thang-Ta player Hafsahahdoo, who has been practicing the art since the last decade, said the game's systematic defensive and offensive mechanisms had impressed her and drawn her intoit. Her coach Ejaaz Ahmad said since the Jammu and Kashmir government had already recognized Thang-Ta, they had organized district and state-level championships of the game in the state in the last few years. Significantly, the force behind popularizing Thang-Ta across the world is the game's exponent H Premkumar who is also the president of Thang-Ta Federation of India (TTFI)."To popularize the game, me and other instructors move to countries and teach the game and in turn my students set up training centres in their countries to teach more youngsters," said Premkumar, adding that the game is played in almost all states of India.

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