Shahnawaz Hussain calls for ‘parivartan’

SILCHAR, March 28: “Time is ripe to bring about change in governance at Dispur and people have to be judicious and prudent enough in casting their votes in the coming Assembly elections”, pointed out Shahnawaz Hussain, former BJP central minister and spokesman of the party while addressing a well attended election rally at Banskandi, 15 km from here today, under Lakhipur constituency of Cachar. He said Dinesh Prasad Goala, sitting MLA and minister, who has been returned six times at a stretch, has failed to meet the hopes and aspirations of people and even cause minimum development in the area inhabited by economically backward classes, tea tribes as well as tribals. Mixing irony and sarcasm, Shahnawaz Hussain said minister Goala’s long 30 years of being in power “have been a witness to his own growing properties and assets while the poor and marginalized people have only groveled in the mire of poverty”. All that could be seen shining amidst the miseries and woes of people “is the prosperous bungalow of the minister” and added to say “the fate of common masses remain unchanged”.
Comparing Goala and his long innings as MLA and minister with water that has been ‘stagnating and stinking’, BJP leader said with banter “it would be harmful to take it anymore, indicating that the vote this time should go to the party candidate from Lakhipur Reena Singh who as he pointed out is educated with degree in teaching and law, besides being an orator, and quite competent to represent the constituency. He eulogized her as ‘Lakhipur ki Rani’ alluding to her spirit of courage and endurance akin to the legendary ‘Jhansi ki Rani’.
Lampooning and lambasting Congress leaders for their ‘cosmetic love’ for Muslims during elections when they go all out to embrace them from many sides and after their votes have been obtained, it is back to square one. He asked how long would the Muslims continue to be fooled by Congress? He said Congress leaders were no better than ‘snake charmers’ who keep the onlookers and bystanders mesmerized by their deceptive games. He further wanted to know when would the Muslims understand this game plan of Congress?
“It has been a ploy by Congress to scare away the Muslims from BJP by concocting all sorts of fanciful stories of harassment and indignation towards them”, the BJP leader maintained and posed the question “how many Muslims had been subjected to harassment when Atal Behari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister”? He reminded the large assembly with sizeable minority presence that he was elected from Kishanganj in Bihar which has 70 per cent Muslim population. He took pride at the fact that he was elected three times consecutively and was aviation minister under NDA.
As a minority minister, he arranged special flights for Haj pilgrims from different locations of the country. His poser was how the Muslims were being benefited under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, Tarun Gogoi and Dinesh Prasad Goala. They have no answer to the growing unemployment among educated unemployed although Congress rules in Delhi and Dispur. What about the promises of Tarun Gogoi on development, he asked. “One has to go to BJP ruled Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Karnataka to see development”, he pointed out. Assam under Congress in 10 years has been a tale of neglect and misrule.
It was BJP-JD (U) which fought together to end Lalu Raj of misgoverning and corruption and install Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister who is now a model of development and good governance before the country. He made fervent appeal to the people to vote for BJP and its candidate Reena Singh in order to usher in a new phase of development in the region. Along with Shahnawaz Hussain were a host of notable party leaders who included Kiran Maheswari and Kabindra Purkayastha. (Sentinelassam)

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