Vishal admits ‘conspiracy’, says ‘sorry’ to AASU

GUWAHATI, Nov 27: The controversy involving the AASU and Vishal Retail Ltd has blown over with the business establishment apologizing to the students’ body and people of Assam for “lowering the honour and prestige of the AASU”.
“One of our officers had conspired with a local political person to tap the telephonic conversation between AASU adviser Samujjal Bhattacharyya and Vishal without the knowledge of the top management. Undoubtedly, it is an unethical act. We are extremely sorry for it,” said Vishal Retail Ltd president Pawan Agarwal and another senior official, Manshu Tandon, after their meeting with the AASU leadership at Swahid Nyas Bhavan here today.
“We realize that the publicity given about the telephonic conversation has hurt the self-respect and sentiments of the people of Assam. We admit that the behaviour and conspiracy by the said officer in collusion with the local political person was an attempt to lower the honour and prestige of the AASU. We sincerely apologize to the people of Assam and the AASU,” said Tandon and Agarwal.
They said Vishal would investigate the conspiracy and let the people know about its outcome.
Tandon and Agarwal clarified that the Vishal outlets had opened on Thursday because of “miscommunication”.
AASU activists had vandalized Vishal outlets on Thursday for not keeping them closed until an apology was tendered by the Vishal management for its alleged conspiracy against the students’ union.
Tandon and Agarwal said, “As per our discussion, Vishal will undertake social activities, especially in the field of education, on the advice of the AASU. Furthermore, we assure the local employees of our organization that they will not be harassed in any way. We will rather make efforts to increase the employment chances of local people.”
Vishal also decided to close its outlets throughout the State on Sunday as a mark of its goodwill and respect for the people of Assam.
AASU adviser Bhattacharyya, president Sankar Prasad Roy and general secretary Tapan Kumar Gogoi said, “Vishal got a proof of what happens when the AASU or the people of Assam are insulted. We have no objection to people from outside the State doing business in the State, but they should not tarnish the image of the AASU and the people of Assam.” (source: Sentinelassam)

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