No APL rice to consumers in Lakhipur subdivision

SILCHAR, Nov 28: Grahak Suraksha Samiti (GSS) has expressed serious concern at the total breakdown of public distribution system in Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar, the home constituency of Dinesh Prasad Goala, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. The consumer body representatives- Atai Ali, Dinabandhu Chasa, Shyamlal Tanti, Nanda Karmakar, Babul Rabidas, Mania Dusad and Minakshi Chakraborty- were present along with Biplob Kumar Goswami, general secretary of GSS, at a press briefing on their grievances here on Saturday.
The representatives from Didarkush, Matinagar, Chengoor, Machkhal, Binnakandi, Lakhipur and Bhubendar alleged that the consumers under APL have not been distributed their allotted quantum. They added that a various circle with political back up has been behind the diversion of APL rice in open market and this has been going on for the last 8 to 10 years in the subdivision and that there has been no corrective measures initiative by the subdivisional or district administration.
Equally intriguing was the silence of the Civil Supply Department and the fair price shops owners. The APL card holders are given the impression that rice under the scheme has been discontinued by the State Government. As GSS has taken up the issue and organizing protest moves, the members of its anchalik samitis are now subjected to threats and intimidation from the coterie. They are also being bullied by the unscrupulous elements to desert their association with the Samiti and not to agitate on the issue.
Biplob Kumar Goswami cautioned the various circle of blackmarketeers involved in the evil practice, the Samiti would be forced to launch mass movement in the entire subdivision and expose their design which might create law and order problem and tension in this sensitive bordering area with Manipur.
The anchalik samitis’ members further alleged that huge quantity of kerosene oil meant for consumers to be distributed through fair price shops is also being diverted to black market. It is now a regular business with the dark agents who have made a mockery of the high sounding policy of the State Government to ensure not only food security but also distribution of essential commodities to poor and need and target groups of society through PDS. It was alleged that kerosene is made available to consumers for two or three months in a year. The same is the tale with sugar and flour. Goswami has sought the intervention of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar and a positive step to end this menace of corruption instead of wasting his time in farcical review of meetings. (Sentinelassam)

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