Chhath Puja celebrated with enthusiasm across Barak Valley

SILCHAR, Nov 12: Chhath Puja, the ancient Hindu festival dedicated to Surya or Sun, was celebrated with all enthusiasm across Barak Valley by Hindi speaking people. Since early morning, hundreds of women in groups from their respective homes singing prayers to Sun God accompanied by musical bands proceeded towards rivers to offer worship, invoking the God who is believed to sustain life on earth and fulfils the wishes of the worshippers.
Sun God after observing the rigours of rituals is worshipped with all dedication who is looked down upon as the God of energy, well being, prosperity and progress. He is also believed to be a life force who cures diseases. It is a four-day festival when women in particular bath, fast and stand in water for long period of time offering prayer to setting and rising sun.
The festival which is generally celebrated six-days after Deepawali either in October or November has become a part of the holy ritual of migrants from Northern and Central India in Barak Valley. It has been a festival which is being celebrated since the Vedas and there is reference about it in Mahabharata." (SentinelAssam)

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