Durga Puja fever grips Silchar

SILCHAR, Oct 14: Festive fever grips Silchar as puja hoppers throngs from pandals to pandals to get a glimpse of a blend of artistic beauty and technological innovation. Worshipping the Goddess, in many cases, pushed to backstage as lighting jugglery, unique decoration stole the attraction of the mass. Pandal made of paddy seeds in Public School Road Puja Committee or the idol as well as the entire pandal made in terra-cotta format are a food to the sensibility. On the other hand, depiction of tsunami in Smashan Road Puja Committee or the sound and music demonstration of how the world gets destroyed, with the help of technological jugglery are the main attraction this year. Thousands and thousands of people stand in queue for hours to get the visual treat.
If the bad road is a dampeuer for the puja hoppers, the good news is that the weather was very much conducive for the festive mood. Police personnel have to sweat it out to control the crowd. However, a well knit traffic map has made the job of the police much gear and people could move more freely.
Durga Puja to the Bengalis is not a mere religious occasion, it has long become a season of cultural activities. And though Hindi chartbuster rule the music domain throughout the year, during the puja days, Bengalis prefer Bengali songs. This year has twin uniqueness the hundred and fiftieth birth anniversary of Rabindra Nath Tagore as well as the 50th year of language movement. To tender respect to Kaviguru as well as the 11 language martyrs, a number of puja pandals have chosen the themes based on Tagore and 1961 language movement. Kalimohan Road Puja Committee has designed their pandal with depiction of couplets from Tagore’s verse as well as books written on language movement. (sentinelassam)

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