Silchar BJP heading for fresh infighting

SILCHAR, Sept 11: After a brief lull, Silchar BJP was heading for fresh bout of inner fighting as the date for submitting applications for party nomination nears. At least four reputed leaders have expressed their willingness for nominations. Among them, three were close to MP Kabindra Purkayastha. The septuagenarian BJP stalwart has been promoting his son Kanad for Silchar seat. Interestingly Purkayastha’s younger brother Kiriti Bhushan Purkayastha who is the district president is also a contender. Partha Sarathi Chanda, former Principal of GC College, would also seek nomination. Another Kabindra follower Dilip Paul however hinted that though he would not officially seek nomination but if the party wanted him to contest, he would definitely give a thought. On the other hand, Dr Rajdeep Roy, son of late Bimalangshu Roy who was MLA would also seek nomination. It is to be noted that those who were interested in seeking nomination were asked to submit their application by September 20.
Talking to The Sentinel both Kanad and Rajdip made it clear that they would accept whatever be the party decision. Dr Rajdeep said he was interested for Silchar seat. Kiriti Bhushan said he had been serving the party from 1966 from the Jana Sangh era and he should be given a chance to contest. Partha Chanda said that he had been serving the party for the last 20 years. “Whatever may be the consequence, I would definitely seek nomination. I do admit Kabindra Babu as my leader”.
A source in the party said the State committee has some support for Rajdeep. When the central observers Vijay Goel and Varun Gandhi visited Guwahati this week, Central Committee leader V Satish brought the name of Rajdeep to their notice. State general secretary Ajit Bhattacharjee made it clear if Kanad and Rajdeep do not reach consensus, the party would be compelled to think of a third candidate. In that eventuality, Dilip Paul, Ward Commissioner, who was instrumental in ousting Susmita Dev, Chairperson of Municipal Board might emerge as the favourable candidate. (The Sentinel)

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