Muslims across Barak Valley celebrate Idd

SILCHAR, Sept 11: On the sprawling Idgah maidan of Itkhola, around 10,000 pious Muslims today offered prayers to Prophet Mohammad with all reverence and devotion. The holy prayers also known as Namaz was conducted by Maulana Shabir Ahmed. He explained the significance of Ramadan to the vast congregation and conveyed the essential message of self restraint, peace and harmony for the world and mankind in general. It was the occasion of the most sacrosanct Id-Ul-Fitre, the day after month long fasting by the Muslims.
It was the holiest of the day when after offering Namaz, Muslims greeted one another and exchanged best wishes for all round peace, happiness and prosperity. Many outside mosques and Idgahs were seen offering alms to poor and beggars, considered holiest of acts.
A significant aspect of the day was the participation of women who came to Jamiat Ahala Hadis mosque at Kajidahar to offer prayers. Around 200 women offered their Namaz. Similarly, at Arcatipore and Kandigram, Sibpur, mosques along with men, around 500 and 125 women respectively participated in Namaz. Reports of women participation have also come from other mosques of the two districts of Hailakandi and Karimganj.
Maulana Abdul Rahim Choudhury who conducted the prayers at Kajidahar said, “Islam does not preach violence. It is lack of education which has been responsible for crime among the under privileged and deprived sections of Muslim people”. He said he was in favour if women to attend mosques not necessarily in a burqua, but with shawls or a chadar covering their head and chest. The growing awareness among women is that it is the orthodox Maulanas who keep them indoors and not Shariat. (The Sentinel)

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