Jiri school's journey from fame to infamy

IMPHAL, Sep 27 : The once reputed Jiribam Higher Secondary School in Jiribam sub-division of Imphal East district is losing its reputation due to lack of adequate teaching staff. The situation has also been aggravated by the attitude of the existing teachers who have come under the impression that they can take their job for granted. The school has around 850 students and 7 regular lecturers and 26 part-time teachers. During a survey, it was discovered that hired teachers are being used to teach on behalf of the regular lecturers, thus affecting the quality of teaching. The competency of the hired teachers is  also doubtful.
Cease work strike frequently launched by the part time lecturers is another factor which has been hampering smooth functioning of the school. A sum of Rs 4500 is being paid per month to a part time lecturer and this has become a bone of contention for the part time lecturers who feel that the paltry amount being paid as salary to them does not commensurate with their work load.
Students who offered subjects like Commerce and Engineering Drawing have been hit hard due to lack of teachers. The decline in the performance of the school can be gauged from the fact that the results of the Higher Secondary Examination and High School Leaving Certificate Examination for the past few years has been far below expectation.
During the survey, irregularity of the teachers was also proved beyond any doubt. For instance, one regular lecturer of English and one Graduate teachers were found absent from the school for the last 3/4 years. A student of the school rued that most of the time they have to return from school after attending only one or two classes at the most due to lack of adequate teachers. ‘‘We would consider as lucky if three classes are taken in a day’’, the student added.
Another student complained that the teachers are more interested in private tuition at their respective places instead of their assigned teaching duty at the school. An academician of Jiri observed that the present scenario of Jiribam Higher Secondary School is pathetic as teaching is only in namesake and co-operation and mutual respect among the teachers and students are found missing which is a very sorry sign.
The academician added that private tuition should be banned in order to assure quality teaching in the school as the present trend of taking private tuition by the students has rather become a fashion than any real learning. One social activist of Jiri suggested that authority concerned of the State Government should initiate stringent measures against the erring teachers in order to strengthen the functioning of the lone higher secondary school of Jiribam which is fading day by day. (The Sangaiexpress)

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