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September 07, 2010

Enlightening talk on breast cancer

SILCHAR, Sept 6: A cancer detection camp for early detection of cancer of breast cervix and thyroid was conducted on Saturday at military hospital, Masimpur military station under the aegis of Red Shield Division. Large gathering of families of soldiers serving at Masimpur were sensitized regarding ‘early detection of cancer and related diseases common in the region’.
The camp was inaugurated by Sumita Mukherjee, convener FWO Masimpur. A short lecture on ‘cancer of cervix’ was delivered by Dr SG Bandana, gynaecologist, Silchar Medical College and Hospital before the families present. Services of surgical specialist, military hospital and two lady medical officers assisted in the conduct of the camp. A booklet on Breast Self Examination was released on this occasion. (The Sentinel)

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