Barak Valley political scenario BJP president galvanizes party in hibernation

SILCHAR, Sept 3: BJP with its strong presence in the well known bastion of Barak Valley has been virtually in a state of hibernation. The party however did get a sort of boost with the two-day visit of State president Ranjit Dutta. In fact, it was not only in Cachar but also in the two other districts of Hailakandi and Karimganj where the party needed much ‘punch’ and ‘push’ to regain the lost ground, being mired in internal bickering and squabbling.
The greatest upset for the party however came when three of its MLAs from this valley- Rumi Nath, Kartik Sena Singh and Shambhu Singh Mala during the last RS polls made a turn around and voted in favour of Congress. Their desertion and expulsion reaffirmed by Ranjit Dutta here however came as a blessing in disguise since the signal conveyed by the State leadership went well with the masses that the party has no place for ‘quislings’.
The party president during his maiden visit which concluded on Thursday was considered significant in view of the general elections ahead. He addressed workers’ meet at Silchar, Hailakandi and Karimganj as well as a public meeting at Kalain, 35 km from here, to convey the message that time was ripe to strengthen the organization from the booth-level for which he laid stress on ‘burying all hatchet’ and project unified image before the masses who “are looking to BJP as the only viable alternative to the misrule and corruption ridden governance of Congress”.
Ranjit Dutta explained issues were handy to reach common people and impress them about the way out from escalating price rise, infiltration from across the border, unbridled corruption in every walk of life, anomalies and irregularities in the implementation of rural schemes and projects, depriving the target people which BJP alone could ensure. He hit hard at the Anna Suraksha Yojana which he described as a political gimmick of the ruling party and a ploy to get more funds from the Centre for its own benefit. NRC update process also came in for haranguing and blamed the Gogoi Government of being weak, meekly submitting to the objection of AAMSU.
Referring to Barak Valley, BJP president made it clear that the broken roads and national highways, inordinate delay in Silchar-Lumding BG and East-West Corridor would be the poll plank to woo the voters who needed change at Dispur. The Ministers Dinesh Prasad Goala and Gautam Roy also became the target of his criticism who did nothing for the development of valley except filling their own coffers. He was confident the party if united would win more seats than that of 2006.
He was in favour of tie up with AGP but added to say that no diktat would be accepted. He felt it was in the interest of the State and its people that BJP and AGP made poll adjustment or alignment to oust Congress. People’s disillusionment with Gogoi led Government, he exhorted the leaders and workers here, “has to be exploited to the full”. All the three district committees were advised to lay stress on ‘mass contact programme’ and not confined to ‘table talks’.
His call was to take all sections of people into confidence. Bengalis, Assamese, tribals, tea tribes, backward and other classes with Hindu mindset should be approached to prepare the party for the poll battle. In the final analysis, after all the oratory and demagoguery, it is to be seen how for the leaders have learnt the lesson to be one with workers as desired by the BJP president. (The Sentinel)

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