AAMSA slams USA over Florida Church’s move to burn holy Quran

SILCHAR, Sept 9: All Assam Madrassa Students’ Association (AAMSA) has slammed USA for playing an indifferent role towards the decision of a Florida Church to burn the holy Quran ‘on the anniversary of 9/11 incident’ coinciding with the Id celebration. Taking a serious view of the move, Association leaders addressing a press meet at Silchar Press Club today said, “the burning of holy Quran would have widespread repercussion with serious ramification which besides causing serious fissures in America might endanger world peace as a whole”.
MM Nazrul Islam Laskar, secretary of AAMSA, said after playing a destructive role in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, America was now involved in a conspiracy to create a situation of enmity and disharmony around the globe. Burning of the holy Quran would hurt the sentiments and feelings of Muslims which would never be tolerated. It accused Obama administration of being deceptive in its approach to establishing peace in the world under the guise of its ‘hidden agenda’ of establishing its imperialism.
AAMSA, he made it clear, Indian Muslims could not but express their deepest sense of anguish and indignation at the Florida Church’s irresponsible and provocative act. The Association at the same time appeals to the Government of India led by Dr Manmohan Singh to prevail over USA in order to dissuade the Church in question from taking the course to the most sacrilegious and profane act of burning Quran. It also urges upon the Indian people cutting across caste and creed to join hands with their Muslims brothers to condemn the move of Florida Church. (The Sentinel)

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