Women protest deplorable road condition

SILCHAR, Aug 5: It was now the turn of women, old and young, cutting across castes, creed and class to join a protest rally today against the deplorable conditions of highways and roads of Barak Valley, totally crippling normal life without any effective measures by the State or the administration. The rally joined by an estimated 5,000 participants from schools and colleges including madrassas, various NGOs, clubs, organizations, tribal bodies with banners and posters decrying the ministers and other people’s representatives started its march from the district sports association ground and after parading through Central Road, Premtala, Shillongpatty and Club Road assembled in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner and held demonstration, demanding positive action for the repair and improvement of highways and roads.
Braving scorching heat and blazing summer sun, the rallyists sent the message to ministers in particular that it was not the time for them to indulge in brickmanship but to address seriously the people’s grievances and their resolution. The processionists were led by prominent activists who included Sabita Chattopadhyay, Anurupa Biswas, Mandira Dutta Chowdhury, Chameli Kar, Chandrima Dutta, Sharnali Chowdhury and S Jayanta Devi. At the terminating point, all of them lambasted the State Government for ignoring the repeated outcry of Barak Valley to do something on connectivity, considering the extreme mental and physical agonies of people in commuting.
The rally exclusively by women from all walks of life was in its own way carried the message that unless the State came out with concrete steps, it would amount to playing with the patience of people which could not but lead to unpleasant consequences. It was pointed out by the speakers that with mass agitation and movement, it would be possible to expose the unholy nexus of politicians and bureaucrats to stall development works in the valley and break the tie up of deep rooted corruption and conspiracy. They reminded that women power and awakening have always caused the defeat of evils.
Women in particular of all ages have been adversely affected by travelling on the highways and roads in bad shape, resulting in their critical illness and even endangering their lives. Today’s rally was yet another milestone in mass struggle along with their men folk.
It is to be recalled that it is under the banner of Pratibadi Gana Mancha that since June 29 starting with mass rally, protest human chains on July 14, black out on July 16, women’s demonstration today, the movement would continue till the State Government woke up from its slumber and adopt effective steps to improve the connectivity. (SENTINELASSAM)

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