Stress on improving conditions of VIP road

SILCHAR, Aug 2: Silchar taxi as well as city bus and mini bus owners’ associations have demanded immediate action to repair and improve the deplorable conditions of VIP also known as Airport road and its bridges and culverts on priority basis. The worst shape of the road besides telling heavily on their vehicles is also upsetting their routine services which affect the daily commuters on their various assignments. Articulating their various grievances on this count, Dhruba Naug, secretary of Silchar taxi owners’ association and Nilotpal Sen, general secretary of city bus and mini bus owners’ association in a memorandum have pointed out that the abnormal hike in the prices of petroleum products during the last four years has created serious adverse economic effect. This has been compounded by the deplorable conditions of roads, bridges and culverts which cause huge maintenance cost for them for their vehicles.
They have pointed out that since road transportation plays an important role in the daily life of people as well as contributes to the economy, besides keeping the normal activities moving, they have requested the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar to whom the memorandum is addressed to take immediate measures for their repair and improvement. Considering the mounting operational cost, they have at the same time pleaded for enhancement of fare structure of passenger vehicles and to make the road worthy of use for smooth and safe movement. (SENTINELASSAM)

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