‘Stop flying flights from Silchar’

SILCHAR, Aug 7: Sarifa Begum, the president of Assam Congress Women Cell, was so shocked to see the wretched condition of the road of Barak Valley including those belonging to the National Highways, that she could not resist herself from obliquely criticizing the ministers and MLAs from the Valley. Begum, who was on Barak Valley trip, asked the women to organize themselves to stop flying flights from Silchar Airport so that the ministers and MLAs were compelled to use the road and would be able to realize the hardship, the commoners had been going through. Sarifa Begum, in spite of being a leader of the ruling party, did not pretend to hide the anguish at the deplorable condition of road. “Once the Chief Minister is back to his office, I would personally apprise him about the road condition of Barak Valley”, she assured. She admitted that the women members of the party would definitely face criticism from the public while they would go for seeking votes in the next Assembly election. (SENTINELASSAM)

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