Goala flexes muscle, Dev steals limelight

SILCHAR August 3 : In a virtual showdown against Sontosh Mohan Dev, the Urban Development Minister Dinesh Prasad Goala today flexed his muscles as more than two hundred vehicles loaded with party workers, maximum from Goala’s tea tribe community, received him from the Kumbhirgram airport to Silchar Congress office. Goala could clearly send the message to his one-time mentor Dev, it was, now, his domain as minority leader like Misbahul Islam Laskar and former Rajya Sabha MP
Kamalendu Bhattacharjee, who was expelled from the Congress for anti party activities, showered the Minister with praise. But at the end of the day, Goala proved the doubt right that it was he who masterminded the defeat of Susmita Dev, daughter of Sontosh Mohan, in the no-confidence motion moved by the political enemy BJP. Goala, surprisingly unmatched to his political astuteness, did not even spare a single word against those seven party ward commissioners who openly voted in favour of the BJP to rob Susmita off her Silchar Municipality Board chairperson post. And again, at the end of the day, Sontosh Mohan, who once patronized Dinesh Prasad, Kamlendu, Misbahul, snatched the limelight as he said at the workers meet that he had asked his daughter to hand over her resignation letter to her ‘Dinesh uncle’. Dev said, let the Board run by Sajal Acharjees and Ranjit Roys. It is to be noted that Town Congress president Acharjee and ward commissioner Roy were the two main characters who played a vital role in Susmita’s downfall. Acharjee, once a Dev loyalist changed his side like a chameleon changes its colour as Susmita stopped balance payment for the contractor.
Ironically, at the inauguration of the hall, Goala himself rebuked Acharjee for the unscientific design. Goala in his speech at the workers meet, claimed that he was totally unaware of the development of the SMB. He, however, said that Susmita’s obstinate attitude made her downfall inevitable. He said, why party ward commissioners lost confidence in her should be probed into. Goala further asked the party workers to join hands together to repair the loss the party had sustained due to the SMB-episode.
On the other hand, a group of Congress loyalists believed that Susmita had proved her potentiality and maturity as she had compelled a veteran like Goala to flex his muscle to prove his strength against her. Further, the people of Silchar town today distasted the way Goala showed his strength. (SENTINELASSAM)

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