CPM launches mass campaign

SILCHAR, Aug 21: Communist Party of India (Marxist) has launched mass campaign for food security on August 16. Central committee of CPM has given the call for mass campaign to ensure food security. The campaign will conclude on September 15, said Samiran Acharya, secretary of the party.
Objective of the campaign, as he said, is to focus on the actual situation in regard to the much hyped proclamation of the UPA government to supply food to all, which in fact is in a state of disarray due to mismanagement and red-tapism.
The UPA government has drifted from its declared policy of socialism to capitalism with the result that both liberalization and globalization have brought about untold crisis for common people. Even after 63 years of Independence, Acharya pointed out 35% population of the country continue to grovel in the mire of poverty. Statistics say the nation is self-sufficient in food, but the benefits hardly reach the poor and needy. 1 crore MT of food grains was spoilt in FCI godowns recently which has exposed total irresponsibility and incompetence of the Manmohan Singh government.
The CPM leader castigated the State government at the same time for its failure to implement Anna Suraksha Yojana and to streamline PDS.
The mass campaign besides highlighting the ‘gimmickry and hoax’ of the UPA government and state in projecting its pro people image have only brought into focus their callousness and inefficiency to work for welfare of the working class and the down trodden. (THE SENTINEL)

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