Blame game at its peak in Silchar DCC

SILCHAR, July 31: Blame game in the Cachar Congress was at its peak as all the leading players engaged themselves at shameless mud slinging following the ouster of Susmita Dev from the Chair of Silchar Municipal Board. Seven Congress Ward Commissioners along with two Independents voted for the no-confidence motion against Susmita and her Deputy Vijendra Prasad Singh, moved by the six-member BJP. Susmita's father former Union Minister Sontosh Mohan Dev squarely blamed State's Urban Development Minister Dinesh Prasad Goala alleging that the entire episode was scripted by the latter for political vendetta. Goala shot back with alleging that Susmita's obstinacy was to be blamed for her debacle.
In this critical juncture, Arun Dutta Majumder, the newly elected DCC president, however was optimistic that the crisis would be over. He even said that if Susmita again goes for forming the Board, she would find the party behind her. Dutta Majumder, however, made a dig at the ousted Chairperson saying that Susmita was unnecessarily obstinate. He further alleged that Susmita made a blunder by convening the special Board meeting in a hurried way though she had almost two weeks in her hand, an adequate period to settle the crisis inside the party. Interestingly, Sontosh Mohan alleged that Dutta Majumder, as DCC president, failed diplomatically to save his daughter's Chair. Sources said, Excise Minister Gautam Roy made an abortive attempt at the last minute to save Susmita. Roy, who was in Delhi, entrusted his close aide Sujan Dutta, to negotiate with the rebel Congress Ward Commissioners. Sujan, who was made the Chairman of Silchar Development Authority by Goala, allegedly did not work according to the instruction of his mentor Roy. An irritated Roy reportedly did not response to the phone calls made by Sujan.(SENTINELASSAM)

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