BJP seeks intervention of Governor

SILCHAR, July 31: BJP leaders and workers today staged demonstration before the office of the Deputy Commissioner, besides expressing their serious concern and resentment at the suspension of NRC update by the State Government and sought the intervention of the Governor JB Patnaik for its resumption. In a memorandum addressed to the Governor, the contents of which the leaders shared with the assembly of audience on the occasion demanded that the NRC update should start with the pilot project in two revenue circles of Barpeta district and Chaigaon in Kamrup district. The people of Assam lay great hope in the success of the project in two districts and its eventual extension to the rest of the State as this process would move to find some solution of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. It would at the same time facilitate detection, deletion and deportation of infiltrators.
These leaders said as anticipated, some vested groups and organizations interested in protecting and encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators opposed the NRC update and would go to any length to halt it. It therefore came as no surprise when the State Government immediately suspended the operation of the update process which further affirmed the widely held suspicion that it was looking for an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. It was in the first place two provide 'a fly leaf' to hide its intention not to do anything about the NRC process and secondly to use the resultant controversy to divert public attention from the Rs 1,000 crore Dima Hasao scam.
Such a move of the Gogoi Government, the memorandum pointed out, was fraught with sinister ramification since it would only provide fillip to the unchecked infiltration to upset the demographic structure, already distorted, besides fuelling social and political tensions. And, it was also held out that the volatile situation would be allowed to drift only to explode, endangering national security.
BJP Cachar district is of the opinion that under no circumstances NRC update should be kept on hold. It should not be confined to one or two districts but cover the entire State simultaneously on war footing. Seeking the immediate intervention of the Governor, the memorandum urged upon him to announce a road map for NRC update and those responsible for rioting and arson in Barpeta be arrested and punished.
BJP also made it clear that it would not accept a situation where national interests are sacrificed at the altar partisan gains by those of questionable integrity and myopic vision. Caution note was aired if the State Government fails to take immediate steps for NRC update, BJP would be left with no option but to take its protest to the people of Assam. Those who addressed the gathering included Kiriti Bhushan Purkayastha, district president, Hare Krishna Bharali, State organizing secretary and other district leaders- Audesh Kumar Singh, Sashanka Sekhar Dhar, Rupam Saha, Nitya Bhushan Dey, Kanad Purkayastha, Pratap Chandra Bordoloi, etc. (SENTINELASSAM)