Awareness camp highlights HIV menace

SILCHAR, Aug 18: HIV and other related diseases are assuming alarming dimension around the world. Of the over 60 million people infected with the dreaded disease in the past 20 years, half of them belong to the age groups of 15 to 24. At present, nearly 12 million young people are living with HIV/AIDS. Young women are more prone to it. According to records, the first HIV case was detected in New York in 1981 and in India in 1986. According to the survey of 2007, 33 million people were afflicted with the virus, of them 15 million were female and two million children.
Yet another survey of 2008 indicated two lakh patients in the grip of HIV/AIDS. In Assam, the number of such patients stands at 2,600. Africa happens to be the worst affected. In India, the focus has always been the Northeast and Manipur is found to be on the top of the HIV affected people. According to a study, physical, psychological and social attributes of adolescence make young people particularly vulnerable.
The most disturbing phenomenon is that young people often carry the virus for years without knowing it. Education and communication alert young people to the risks of HIV/AIDS and promote healthier behaviour through curriculum based programmes in schools as well as counseling and motivation to righteous path.
All this information came out at the awareness programme on HIV/AIDS organized by CRPF based at Dayapur near Silchar. The inaugural function was graced by DIG range AA Khan as chief guest and Dr Debadatta Dhar as guest lecturer. Khan in his address enlightened the officers, personnel, families and people gathered on the occasion about the menace of HIV/AIDS and to take all precautionary as well as preventive measures. Dr Sukhdev Singh, DIG, Medical Composite Hospital of the Force also spoke on the occasion and encouraged officers and others to come forward for voluntary testing and join hands to fight against the spectre of disease. On the occasion, a drama on the theme of awareness was presented by a local drama troupe of Silchar. Dr NC Saha, Commandant (SG) wound up the function by delivering valedictory speech and expressed his gratitude to all for joining the function. He at the same time appreciated the group centre DIG Ajit Kulshresta and CIAT DIG PK Biswas for all their cooperation in making the function successful with the message of the day. (The Sentinel)

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