Binnakandi Singerband Road Threatened by Erosion of Barak River

Lakhipur, 9 June 2010: The Binnakandi Singerband Silghat raod is now being threatened by slow but steady erosion caused by river Barak near Singerband at Mutum leikai where the only road to connect Dolugram Sonai Silghat from Binnakandi Ghat.However, though vehicles have been cautioned to drive carefully in this stretch, no action plan has been taken up till now to contain the ever-increasing erosion. Even though the monsoons have set in and the same is likely to continue till August, there is no semblance of seriousness on the part of the authority to adopt any preventive measures. And unless the erosion is checked, Barak river may totally cut the road and it may need two ferryghat to reach Singerband from Lakhipur Town.It will ultimately affect the movement of vehicles adversely. It is feared that the road might soon be washed away by the turbulent river and connect with the Indro Lake in the near future.(Longjam Dorendra)

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