Sharmila supporters demand AFSPA repeal

IMPHAL, Aug 26: Excessive attrocities committed by the security forces in the name of counter insurgency operations in the state can never solve insurgency.
The solution must begin with the unconditional repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958.
This was said by Ima Momon representing Sharmila Kanba Lup while particpating the ongoing rally hunger today at Porompat PDA complex in support of Irom Chanu Sharmila who has been protest fasting for nine years and eight month demanding repeal of AFSPA from the state.
The lup representative further mentioned that the present crises and public unrest over the killings of innocent public was on account of the existence of AFSPA in the state, and it has become a must for every citizens of the state to stand unitedly and fight against this dragonian law.
She further critised the failures of the state goverment which has not be a guardian of the people in maintaining law and order or in protecting life and properties of the ordinary people of the state and.
She also charged the government of being obsessed with only keeping their chairs intact.
The rally hunger strike organised by the Shamila Kan Lup in the meantime has entered 260 days today even as several women meira paibis of Kakwa Lilando participated in the hunger strike today at PDA complex Porompat. (Source - Imphal Free Press)

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