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July 17, 2009

Unique ASEB scheme for rural consumers

GUWAHATI, July 16: The Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) has taken up a unique Single Point Power Supply (SPPS) scheme to provide better and prompt services to its rural consumers. The scheme is part of the Rajiv Gandhi Vidyutukaran Yojna. All the SPPS franchisee scattered in Lower Asom have been brought under a single banner – Lower Assam Single Point Franchisee Association.

Association president Kumud Chandra Medhi said that due to shortage of manpower and high cost involved in maintaining the workforce, ASEB had been facing problems of poor service, power theft, poor revenue collection and poor maintenance in rural areas. To get over these problems the SPPS scheme has been evolved and this scheme has so far yielded positive results in Lower Assam, said Medhi. The Association now wants the SPPS scheme to be implemented across the State. (

Source - The Sentinel)