Corruption slur on Dev and Bithika

SILCHAR, July 29: Katigorah BJP MLA Dr Rumi Nath alleged that former Union Minister Santosh Mohan Dev has fielded his daughter Susmita in the Silchar civic body poll with the motive to hush up his misdeeds and corruption during the previous Board. He was led by his wife Bithika Dev in the anomalies, alleged Nath.
Rumi Nath further alleged that the Bithika Dev-led Congress Board virtually institutionalized corruption. She said crores of funds had come from the Centre under various schemes but the actual beneficiaries were reportedly deprived as the Congress ward commissioners siphoned off the whole amount. She also said, the Dev family was now apprehensive that if the BJP forms the Board, records of the reported corruption and misdeeds would be exposed and the political entity of the Dev-duo would be damaged. Therefore, in a desperate move to cover up the anomalies, Dev has fielded his daughter Susmita. (Source - Sentinel)

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