Cachar meet gives strong opposition to Tipaimukh dam

Imphal, Jul 26: Amidst the growing controversy over the construction of Tipaimukh dam, a public discussion on Tipaimukh held in Cachar district of Assam, has resolved to oppose the construction of the dam at any cost.

The public meeting held on Sunday was organized by the United Development Organisation at Ganga Dayal Dixit Community Hall, Binakandi, Cachar district, Assam, and was attended by prominent members like W Ramanand, coordinator of the Citizens Concern for Dams and Development, Piyush Kanti Das, an activist, Keshab Krishna Chatradhara, chief secretary of the Alliance Against Subansiri Project Dhemaji Assam and Kinderson Pamei, an active member of Committee on Land and Natural Resources. Hundreds of people attended the meeting.

While speaking at the function, O Bikramjit, co-convenor of the Action Committee Against the Tipaimukh Dam, remarked that the statements of the former chief secretary of Manipur and ministers was unexpected and unfortunate. The statements had apparently said that there was nothing to lose for Manipur in building the dam and hue and cry should not be raised by the anti-dam activists.

According to W Ramananda, the entire north eastern state of India was prone to earthquakes and added that in case the dam happens to break the whole of Lakhipur sub-division of Cachar would be inundated by 10 metres of water and Silchar town would be seven feet under water. The meeting in view of these dangerous findings resolved to oppose the construction of the dam. (Source - The Imphal Free Press )

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