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Download Lakhipuronline Android Apps >>> Lakhipuronline is the first Manipuri News on android mobiles and tablets. It is the SMALLEST news APP in Manipuri language that keeps you informed in a most efficient way. It collects news from national and local sources, and presents to you the most interesting/relevant ones. Get hold of hot & trending news stories on the move anytime, anywhere with Lakhiupuronline Live updates.
Lakhipuronline app provides latest news updated with breaking news & daily news, Listen News in Manipuri (মনিপুরী পাউ) from AIR Imphal. Report any issues or share feedback & tell us how we can improve - write to our Pao Faonafam section (পাউ ফাওনফম) or mail to

Read/Listen in our section:-
- Todays News (ঙসিগী পাউ)
- News in Picture (ফোতো পাউদম)
- Morning News (অযুক্কী মনিপুরী পাউ)
- Evening News (নুমিদাংগী মনিপুরী পাউ)
- Lakhipuronline Blog (লখিপুরওনলাইন)
- Manipuri Leela Drama (মনিপুরী লিলা/দ্রামা/ফিল্ম/মতমগী ৱাফম)
- Manipuri Songs (ঈশৈ নোংমাই)
- Manipuri Lyrics (মনিপুরী ঈশৈ ময়েক)
- Let us know (মনিপুরী খংমিন্নসি)
- Feedback (মনিপুরী পাউ)
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