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Demand for removal of Jiten as MDC chief

GUWAHATI, March 2: The All Assam Manipuri Youth Association (AAMYA), the All Assam Manipuri Students’ Union (AAMSU) and the Manipuri National Council (MNC) have raised the demand for immediate removal of Jiten Singha as Manipuri Development Council (MDC) Chairman and formation of the Council afresh.

Talking to newsmen at Dispur Press Club today, AAMYA general secretary Ksh. Kundal Singha, AAMSU president Nilakanta Singha and MNC president N Babu Singha said: “State Government should initiate a full-fledged CBI inquiry into the financial anomalies in the Manipuri Development Council (MDC) during the tenure of Jiten Singh as Chairman, and that he should be immediately removed from the chairmanship in order to facilitate proper investigation of the financial anomalies. Under any circumstances, we won’t accept the continuation or extension of the present Chairman’s term. The Council should be formed afresh in consultation with the major civil Manipuri organizations of the State.” The three organizations appealed to the State Government to consider their demand seriously, failing which, they would launch a vigorous agitation that would definitely have its cascading effect on the ensuing Assembly elections in the State. The leaders of the three Manipuri organizations further said: “Manipuri Development Council is a great gift from the Government of Assam. However, no one came forward to appreciate it sincerely because the Council was not formed in a democratic manner, and after formation, it is not run democratically by its Chairman and members. The Government kept no concrete criteria or norms for nomination or selection of members. Not only that, important Manipuri social organizations were not consulted or intimated before its formation.”

They further expressed serious concern over the emergence of a fake organization called UMAA after the formation of the MDC. “The Chairman of the MDC owns and finances the activities of the organization much to the agony and dissatisfaction of the Manipuris in the State. There is a confusion between the UMAA on the MDC as the UMAA practically runs the MDC. There is no transparency and accountability of MDC funds in the eyes of the people. As a result, there has been rampant protests all over Assam,” the leaders of the three organizations said. (Source: SentinelAssam)

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