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Fake school surfaces at Lakhipur during Circle Officer's visit

SILCHAR, Oct 27: On a surprise visit last Saturday, P K Gupta, circle officer of Lakhipur sub division, inspected a venture school located in Boalibasti under Chenjur tea estate which he found to be a fake educational institution. The school which has been named as Boalipar Venture L P School is being run from a barn by Jainul Haq Barbhuiya as headmaster and Ziahul Haq Barbhuiya as assistant teacher. Earlier on October 12, the duo had submitted a memorandum to S Viswanathan, Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, for re-verification of the school to get it provincialized.
They had claimed that the school was established in the year 1982 and since then hundreds of students have studied in the school. They had also claimed that the school at present has 51 students on its rolls. It was further stated in the memorandum that during the last verification, the present sub divisional circle officer had rejected their application and submitted a report to the higher authorities concerned without even conducting a spot inspection or checking the records of the school. After receiving the memorandum, the Deputy Commissioner directed P K Gupta to conduct a spot verification again to check the authenticity of the claims.
As per the orders of the Deputy Commissioner, P K Gupta made a surprise visit to the school, which was found locked and in a ramshackle condition. The school is housed in a hut with tin sheds. The school only had broken chairs and tables and bamboo fence. P K Gupta while inspecting the schools enquired about the duo’s authenticity with the locals. The local residents of the area told the circle officer that the school remains closed for most of the year. They further said that the school building was once used as barn by the locals.
Chatur Raja Miya, president of the school managing committee, told Gupta that the duo is not at all interested in the welfare of the local children. The locals further said that sometimes children from other areas are brought to the school for a day or two in case there is an inspection of the school. On being informed of the ongoing inspection by the circle officer, both the accused who are residents of Notun Ramnagar part-4 under Sonai Constituency rushed to the school premises.
After being caught red handed, Jainul Haq Barbhuiya and Ziahul Haq Barbhuiya tried to persuade the circle officer to grant provincialization to the school, but Gupta was not influenced. Finding no other option, the accused duo gave an apology letter to Gupta begging for forgiveness. The circle officer has submitted the report to the Deputy Commissioner for further actions against them as per the laws and provisions. It is to be mentioned here that a number of fake venture schools have been reported from Lakhipur sub division in the past. P K Gupta along with T T D Daulagopu, SDO (Civil), taking a serious view have reported about such fake educational establishments to the higher authorities.

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