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Mother attempts to sacrifice sons to Kali

Silchar, Aug 2: Even before the memory of the grisly images of witchcraft and wizardry of Kalabil, 20 km from here, could fade away from public memory, another case of a frenzied mother battering her two little sons with a sharp weapon, has sent shock waves across the valley. It is to be recollected that the entire village in a state of paranoia, targeted a middle aged man of the same area of Kalabil and hounded him to death. It was dark superstitious belief that Jahar Lal Mura, the victim, was evil incarnate and his persecution was necessary for the wellbeing of the village. The villagers in their frenzy believed they were doing so at the behest of a goddess whom they worshiped.
The bizarre incident of a mother hitting out at her sons in order to sacrifice them at the behest of goddess Kali was yet another instance of being in a state of paranoia. According to information from Sonai block, 15 km from here, the mother of two sons Shukla Rani Das in a state of frenzy with sharp weapon (dao) in her hand, hit both of them on the heads, severely wounding them. Shukla Rani Das lives with her husband Jati Mohan Das at their home at Amjurghat, Rangirghat Part III under Sonai police station.
It was around 3:30 pm on Sunday. Jati Mohan Das was at that time in the house of a neighbour. As Shukla was not well, her mother Ranu Bala Das was staying with her for the last few days. Ranu Bala Das gave an account of how everything happened in a flash. She did not have any inkling of the ghastly thing to happen. Nor did she find anything to suspect about her behaviour and conduct. If it was violent, it was also so sudden. She was taken aback Deep Das, the elder son, was playing in the front courtyard of the house. Karan was sleeping on the back inside. Shukla Das called Deep to come inside the room for food. Once in the room, she hit his head with the sharp dao. The little boy sustained injuries on his head and right ear.
In severe pain with blood gushing out, Deep cried aloud and rushed out. His cries brought in Ranu Bala Das who was in another room. She was bewildered to see Deep. As she entered inside, she discovered that the head of Karan too was battered with blood all around, trickling down the bed.
Unperturbed Shukla Das with blood-soaked dao stood at the verandah of the house. Ranu Bala shouted for help. Hearing her shouts, Jati Mohan Das and people in the neighbourhood came rushing. All of them in a body took away the dao from her hand and then tied her with rope. Deep and Karan were taken to Sonai PHC. But, as their condition was not good, they were shifted to Silchar Medical College and Hospital. While Deep had 26 stitches on his head, Karan underwent 65.
According to information from Medical College, Deep is convalescing, but the condition of Karan remains critical. From her confinement in the house, Shukla was heard telling the neighbours to bring her two sons to her. They tried to make her understand how could it be possible when as a mother she had hit them on head with a dao? She muttered that it was not she who did it. Whatever she did was at the behest of goddess Kali.
A family source said that Shukla Rani could not overcome the shock of the death of her another son Biplob who was born after Deep. At the age of two, he suffered from viral fever intermittently which ultimately claimed his life. Since then, she has been in an unstable state of mind. Before hitting out at her two sons, aged 6 and 1 year respectively, she was heard saying goddess Kali and Biplob were calling her two sons. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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