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August 28, 2013

’’Chief Minister’s statement on Silchar incident provocative’’––Opposition

SILCHAR, August 27: The statement of the Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi, at a press–meet at Dispur on Monday, blaming VHP and BJP for the Rongpur incident on the outskirts of Silchar has been dubbed as “highly irresponsible and provocative” by the opposition parties, AGP, BJP, AIUDF and CPM. Moreover, as the opposition leaders said it was also unbecoming of a Chief Minister who is holding the home portfolio to come out with assertion on the involvement of saffron outfits without sharing concrete evidences or proofs.
Dr Rajdeep Roy, state spokesperson of BJP, while condemning the statement in the strongest terms, said it was an exercise on the part of Tarun Gogoi to divide the society on the basis of religion and it was least expected of him. He however added to say that the Chief Minister perplexed by internal dissension and rift within his party and the government had lost the sense of proportion. It was an expression of his frustration, he pointed out.
It was also paradoxical that his two cabinet ministers, Ardhendu Dey and Ajit Singh, who were on the ground, felt embarrassed by the statement of the Chief Minister because after assessing the situation, both refused to identify any group or force unless investigation was completed. Dr Rajdeep Roy said Barak Valley “has its own problems of communication bottleneck and whenever such issues of development are raised by the Opposition, Congress gets involved in exercises to divert the public attention to certain communal or religious or trivial issues and the real issue of development gets subsided.” It was the same tactics adopted during Rumi–Jackie affair, Katigorah–Kalian flare up and even during Badarpur on boil.
Ataur Rahman Majharbhuiya, AIUDF MLA and general secretary of the party, also agreed that before investigation was over, how could the Chief Minister blame any group or organization or party? If Tarun Gogoi had proofs, he should make them public. Such statement, he added to say, only added further fuel to provocation. He stated the Chief Minister should not forget that he was holding a responsible post and to make statement just to malign any organization was undesirable. Naba Gopal Das, AGP Cachar district president, questioning the statement of the Chief Minister said he should better direct the district administration to identify the culprits and arrest them before blaming any organization. Was his statement based on intelligence inputs, he asked? The Chief Minister would be better advised to share it with the media to remove any confusion on the sensitive issue and this would help in restoring peace and harmony. Or was he indulging in ‘vote–bank’ politics without realizing its ramification?
Samiran Acharya, secretary, Cachar–Hailakandi district committee of CPM, reacting to the statement of the Chief Minister, wanted to know the source or the basis on which he came out with it. If, as he said, was impelled by his own Home Department feedback, he could come out with that before the media for public knowledge instead of making it a “political issue to gain political mileage.” It was also shocking that his statement was in contradiction to that of the two Cabinet Ministers, Ardhendu Dey and Ajit Singh. (SentinelAssam)