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Manipuri Development Council’s functioning questioned

Silchar, March 20: Dr M Shanti Kumar Singha, an important functionary of Manipuri Diaspora, Assam, and a member of Manipuri Development Council, has raised question about the functioning of the Council and the very role of its chairman. He said that he had no trust in the chairman as he was running the Council in his own whimsical manner and for all his acts of commission and omission, he was passing the buck on the 22 members. Even in respect of the utilization of the state government allotted fund for development, the chairman followed his own dictate and the members were kept in the dark, Shanti Kumar Singha alleged.
Addressing a press–meet, Shanti Kumar Singha clarified that he did not approve of the methodology adopted by the chairman in discharging his responsibilities, even in regard to the utilization of budget. To specify, he referred to the utilization of Rs. 2,50,10,000 for 2011–12. The chairman had issued 15 cheques of Rs. 5000 each without taking the members into confidence. For the 2012–13, of the Rs. 2,40,10,000 allotted, the utilization of the same has started and as a member he is totally ignorant. By his arbitrary actions and decisions, the image of the Manipuri Development Council, Shanti Kumar Singha said, has been shattered.
According to the Assam Financial Rule, the chairman should go for utilization of the budgetary fund after approval of the annual action plan by the members at a meeting. It was also necessary to maintain book of accounts properly. The chairman did not think it necessary, as pointed out by Shanti Kumar Singha, to convene a meeting of the Council through due notification to discuss the budgetary allocation and its utilization. No member was even asked to submit lists of schemes or projects of his or her area for implementation.
He brought all these gross anomalies before the Director of Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Classes at Guwahati. He demanded that entire fund of 2012–13 should be equally distributed among all the 22 members to ensure that the schemes for development of their areas were properly implemented and the money utilized in a fair and transparent manner. He called upon all the members to raise their voice against the questionable functioning of the Manipuri Development Council. He cautioned the members when the Comptroller and Auditor General or the Vigilance Cell of the Chief Minister would inspect and examine the income and expenditure of the annual budget, the anomalies and irregularities, if any, detected would be a reflection on them also. None could then absolve himself of the responsibility.
M Shanti Kumar Singha said if all the members united to submit their schemes with all their assertiveness and chalk out planning, the funds could be well utilized in the best interest of the Manipuri community of the state. Besides, they could also insist on submission of utilization certificate to demonstrate that the funds had been utilized properly. He expected that the members should be well conversant with the guidelines for the implementation of developmental schemes so that the image of the Council was not blurred. (Source: SentinelAssam) 

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