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Election to MDC: Manipuri pressure group to move High Court

Silchar, March 24: Assam Manipuri Alliance, a pressure group, has decided to move Gauhati High Court for effecting election to the interim Manipuri Development Council and for causing proper inquiry into the alleged financial irregularities of the present chairman, Jiten Singh. The group has citedthe recent observation of the High Court which has directed the Government of Assam to constitute a regular Manipuri Development Council by 31st May. It is the bounden duty of the Alliance to create pressure on the government to begin the election process and it will extend all possible help for its smooth conclusion. This has been stated by the convener, Kundal Singha, Thambalangow Singha and Laisram T Singha, members, of the Alliance.
They have taken exception to the statement of the chairman, Jiten Singha, about the possibility of the Development Council being dissolved by the State if the present body is disturbed in any way. This indicates that he is not in favour of any election. Rather, he will like to run the Council in his own arbitrary and whimsical manner, they alleged. The chairman hasextended the benefits of various schemes and projects of the Council to his near and dear ones, a glaring example of nepotism and favouritism. Besides, according to the convenerand the members, he has not given account of the non plan fund of Rs. 10.10lakh. He has however submitted account for Rs. 2.30 crore.
The Alliance members have reminded the chairman that the Development Council has been the culmination of long drawn struggle of the Manipuri people in general and not the effortof any individual. It is therefore expected that the Council should work in the larger interest of the community without any bias or prejudice. It is really surprising that the chairman has never takeninto confidence the various Manipuri bodies like Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Manipuri Diaspora, AMSU, Youth Association, Meirapaibi and other sister organizations, in running the Council. The Alliance, it has been made clear, has no other intention than to fight for regular Council and for that it willcontinue to build up pressure. (SentinelAssam)

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