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Bengalis residing in Manipur oppose unofficial introductionof inner line permit

SILCHAR, Nov 27: The indigenous Bengalis residing in Jiribam of Manipur vehemently opposed the decisions of the Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FRIENDS) and other organizations that every non-Manipuri residing in the State has to fill up the inner line permit form.
In this connection, a public meeting was recently held at Kachimpur where thousands of Bengali speaking people residing in the State for years had participated and opposed the decision of different civil society organizationsof the state to impose an unofficial permit system for outsiders on their own. The meeting was presided over by Maulana Tamiz Uddin Saheb.
Anil Das, who graced the occasion as the chief speaker, said that every Indian has the right to reside in any parts of the country. He added say that the Central government had already opposed the decision of the Manipur's government to introduce inner line permit system in the state.
Thousands of Bengali speaking people belonging to different areas of Jiribam - Jakurador, Barobekra, Chutobekra, Latingkhal, Chandranathpur, Rashidpur, Kamranga, Mullargaon, Kachimpur, Lalpani, Aglapur, Champanagar, Rashidpur, Nunkhal, Babupara had participated in the meeting and decried the decision to implement inner line permit for every non Manipuri.
They opined that they had been living in the State for years and some of them was born and brought up in Manipur. "We are indigenous people of the State and therefore why should we fill up the form," asked a 34-year-old person who did not wish to be identified? He said that they would not tolerate such apathy within the country being a citizen of it. However, they welcomed the introduction of inner line permit system for those who had recently migrated to the State.
It is worth mentioning here that the FRIENDS andother non-governmental organizations had recently announced that all non-Manipuris coming to the state or staying in it after 1947 would be termed as "non-indigenous people" of the state and they needto fill up the inner line permit form in order to stay in Manipur. According to them, the form, which costs Rs 50, has to be submitted by allthe non-Manipuris enclosed with their Domicile Certificate of their respective states and police verification report. There will be four kinds of permit based on the period of their stay in Manipur. Non-Manipuris can choose a permit from the options of 20 days, one month, six months or 1 year.
Though the Centre had already turned down the Manipur government's demand for the introduction of the provision of Inner Line Permit system to restrict entry of outsiders in the state under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873, different organizations of the State has issued unofficial inner line permit form. Surprisingly, no action has yet been initiated by the Manipur government against those organizations. (SentinelAssam)

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