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Anomalies in KYC form distribution: GSS laid siege the marketing manager of IOC

SILCHAR, Nov 6: The confusionregarding the KYC form distribution prevails among the consumers of the town as the gas agencies have not been following the guidelinesof the IOC for filling up the form. The anomalies in the form distribution have led to a public anguish and disappointment against the different gas agencies.
According to the guidelines, the customers who are having multiple connections at the same address under different names have been asked to submit the KYC form.Keeping aside this guideline of the IOC, most of the gas agencies of the town made the form mandatory for everyLPG consumer. The consumersalso were being charged for the KYC form by the two gas agencies of the town.
In protest against all these anomalies of the agencies, the members of the Grahak Suraksha Samiti gheraoed themarketing manager of IOC (Indane), A K Saxena on Monday in his office premises at Hospital road of the town. The members of the GSS expressed their disappointment before the marketing manager for the confusion, which has been created by the gas agencies, regarding the filling up of KYCform.
Saxena agreed with the members of the GSS and said that there is no need for all LPG consumers to submit the KYC form. It is for only those consumers who have multipleconnections at the same address.
The GSS pointed out that the gas agencies are taking form from 10am to 12noon. However, according to the guidelines one can submit theKYC in between 10am to 5 pm. They further alleged that the agencies did not provide the form to any other personsexcept to the one under whose name the connection is being registered.
Saxena strongly concurred with the GSS. With the submission of vouchers and necessary documents to the gas agency, as he said that anyone can collect the form on behalf of the person underwhose name the connection is registered.
Saxena assured the GSS members that he would take action against the alleged anomalies by the gas agencies.
He informed that each consumer would get three subsidised cylinders till March 2013 irrespective of the number of cylinders they have used till September. (SentinelAssam)

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